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Artistic Creations

When we were approached by The Hype Agency to quote and help develop their vision for an up-and-coming Christmas project, we were happy to look over their technical drawing to determine if we had the ability to meet their needs.

To our delight we were in fact quoting for a Christmas decoration installation for the iconic ‘Chanel’ fashion boutique Melbourne.

Chanel is a luxury fashion brand founded 1913 by the French designer, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.

We knew in taking on this job it would be of vital importance to ensure we maintained the visionary luxury design the Fashion House is so famous for.

With the consideration of engineering restraints and the installation location being a heritage listed building there were hurdles to overcome to achieve the desired high-quality design.

Open communication and site visits with The Hype Agency contacts were key in this project. We created a prototype for their engineering testing before final approval was obtained from the Global Design team in Paris.

Important things that were considered to achieve the desired product were material, weights, time frame and over all design, as the installation was to be fixed on the outside of a heritage listed building on Russel St Melbourne.

Once production was approved, our highly skilled metal spinners spun over 130 Mild Steel Hemispheres in varied sizes from 400mm Dia – 800mm Dia using new and old techniques, dating back to the early to mid-1900’s.

Starting from a flat blank (circle cut piece of metal) it is mounted to a lathe and with careful spinning strokes using a purpose-built roller the material is slowly formed onto the tool/mandrel. There were 6 different operations on each hemisphere to achieve the final product.

All hemispheres were matched to form a sphere. With an additional 100 backing plates spun to enable the fixture of the spheres to an artistic chain.

Finally, each hemisphere went on to be welded, laser cut, wired with electrical fittings and more to achieve the overall effect, a replica string of pearls so distinctively worn by Gabrielle Coco herself.

Whitehorse Industries worked closely with The Hype Agency to ensure their vision was achieved, bringing Australian Manufacturing to high end fashion worldwide, with the most amazing results achieved.

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