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Indoor & outdoor design/living, is such an important thing for one to have, so that you can enjoy the comforts, and pleasures inside and out.

We at Whitehorse Industries are able to help along those dreams and visions, whether it be, a beautiful hanging pendant light over your dining table, or an aesthetically pleasing fire pit to warm you up and finish off the night, while been able to look down your yard at a beautiful feature/sculpture.

With our selection of Whitehorse Industries tooling available, there are many different shapes and sizes that may be the right look that you were after.

If not, we are able to make a budget MDF wood tool, to give a prototype, of what the consumer would like at minimum cost.

We currently do work for many leading designers in Australia, and their products are leading the way in Australia, and overseas.

  1. Coco Flip
  2. Life Space Journey
  3. Voulker Haug
  4. Diemme Design
  5. Ism Objects
  6. Christopher Boots
  7. PleasePleasePlease
  8. Engineered By Design
  9. Rudi Jass Design
  10. Jackman & Neale
  11. Darkon
  12. Elettra Products
  13. PLR Design
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