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Whitehorse Industries continues to produce metal spun products for a range of mining companies throughout Australia.

From initial prototype design and development to final product production, we are capable of developing methods that achieve the required result, even for large-diameter projects.

Companies in the Mining Industry that we have manufactured products for include:

  1. Zitron
  2. Lloyds Mechanical

Very large mining vehicles – exhaust bends – 10” diameter tube / 8” diameter tube also air intake round tube bends – 10” / 8” diameter up to 1000mm diameter each bend.

The construction of each bend is 2 half metal spinning’s then welded to one complete round tube, using our semi-automatic MIG welding rotary table.

Materials available are heavy gauge mild steel up to 4.0mm, Aluminised steel sheet up to 3.0mm, Stainless steel 3.0mm and Aluminum 6061 T6 heat treated or regular grade 5005 Aluminum.

A large range of fan Ventures, for ventilation in mining tunnels.

There are 2 types of ventilation-related components that are commonly requested:

1) Is a venture that has two different diameters that either speed up airflow or slow down airflow. We manufacture these such fan venture spinnings up to 1500mm diameter and predominately using mild steel or aluminum.

Our largest capacity available is 2200mm diameter, however there are some restrictions within the availability of material sheet sizes in Australia. In some applications, we can weld sheet together and then spin the product.

2). Is a mining tunnel application and is a silencer component. We manufacture silencer end caps that have both an outside diameter and an inside diameter, these can vary for different requirement’s.

Our largest outside diameter is around 1740mm and inside diameter can vary down to whatever the requirement may be.

We also produce various other air filter canister components for various mining motors and pumps.

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