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Whitehorse Industries have manufactured a range of products for clients within the Medical industry, such as Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne), GM Medical and Box Hill Hospital.

Examples of products we have manufactured include:

  1. Stainless steel stool base covers
  2. Stainless steel dishes
  3. PBA safety bowls
  4. Stainless steel shower heads and bowls

We’ve also been involved with the Synchrotron building in Melbourne for the manufacture of stainless steel expansion and contraction shallow cone plates in various diameters, to help with the feed tube movement, due to climate/temperature variations.

Another project was to manufacturer stainless steel 316 Grade sterilisation pots in several sizes, the deeper canisters required vacuum annealing, to allow the stainless steel sheet to be deep drawn.

We also have had some prototype involvement in centrifuge machines, these being high speed rotary action machines.

Metal spinning is an ideal process for such spinning functions as the final product is well balanced, this being perfectly suited for this application.

Our work for the Royal Children’s Hospital project was for deep conical hand scrub sinks, these were of a 2.0mm 316 material construction. A steel tool was developed on our CNC machining Lathe for this project and the sink construction was a deep drawn conical shape, around 300mm deep, with a 90 degree top flange to it, flat on a sterile bench top which also included a 40mm plug and washer standard pressed outlet.

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