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Metal laser cutting – precision cutting at its best

Whitehorse Industries provides a high quality, laser cutting service to a range of industries across Australia. We specialise in innovative and customised laser designs for stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. We can use your designs or we can create a design that perfectly suits your needs.

What is metal laser cutting?

Metal laser cutting is a highly efficient and precise method of creating intricate designs in a range of metals, such as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. This precision is due to the fact that the laser melts, burns and vaporises the metal, rather than stamping or cutting through the metal. This results in precise cuts giving you a design that is both perfect and seamless.

In addition, the entire process is controlled by computers which further enhances the precision of the final product. Whitehorse Industries’ laser cutting process will always exceed your expectations and provide you with a flawless, burr-free result, every time.

  • Stainless steel: Up to 5mm thick
  • Mild steel: Up to 12mm thick
  • Aluminium: Up to 4mm thick

Benefits of metal laser cutting

The process of cutting metal into intricate forms and designs can be labour intensive and costly. The precision and speed of the laser cutting process not only reduces lead times, but also lowers costs due to a reduction in wastage and minimal handling. Using high-tech computers we can cut intricate designs in very thin metals with high precision in small or large production runs.

At Whitehorse Industries, we use the latest in laser cutting technology to provide you with highly intricate, bespoke designs. We pride ourselves on our quality of work.

We can work from your designs or create custom designs that suit your needs including prototyping to production runs.

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