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For the ultimate in repeatability and accuracy, our CNC machining lathe is our most useful machine for the most dimensionally accurate tooling design.

Our operators have many years experience in varying industrial applications and materials.

All tooling is designed on the computer before any material is cut.

The term CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Computers have been controlling a great number of things for years now. In the manufacturing industry CNC machining and CNC Manufacturing has been making life easier for business where accuracy and repetition is an everyday occurrence. It is no different for the Metal Spinning industry.

Being able to compete in a niche trade requires the use of quality machinery with a desire to produce the very best product at an affordable price for the customer. CNC Metal Spinning lathes enable this to be done. CNC machining lathes don’t get tired! They don’t complain they are bored because of the large quantity, and they maintain their accuracy for the duration of the project.

With a resolution of 0.01 mm the CNC milling lathes at Whitehorse Industries are a massive leap forward from manual production. With the technology available today it makes sense to have the best equipment possible, as a result Whitehorse Industries has six CNC manufacturing lathes. All of them able to produce a high quality product at an affordable price.

With varying machine capacities Whitehorse Industries can produce light gauge spinning work from 0.5mm thick to heavy gauge up to 8mm on our CNC lathes.

CNC manufacturing takes the guess work out of the production of parts that require the maintaining of a fine tolerance. Working alongside our CNC Turning Lathes our customers can be assured that the tooling for their job, as well as the product coming off the tooling, is to highest standards.

As I sit here typing this, one of our main CNC Metal Spinning lathes is working away on a 900mm diameter fan case. Every 5 mins I go out and unload the finished product and re-load the lathe to start the whole process again. This makes my job a whole lot easier. I can be doing something else while the CNC lathe can be operated by a semi skilled employee. This is another area where a cost saving is applied to the customer.

Some people may think that CNC means high costs. Not so. All of the tooling that we have in house will fit onto the CNC lathes. There is no special custom tooling that needs to be produced. We make the tooling as we have done for the past 70 years. Whatever fits on the CNC lathes will fit on the manual metal spinning lathes.

Metal Spinning in general makes a lot of sense compared to the high cost and high waste of machining multiple parts from solid. Wherever a hollow concentric shape is needed from any material, Metal Spinning is the only way to go.

At Whitehorse Industries our attention to detail is one of our best assets and the CNC Metal Spinning lathes complement this. No job is too big or too small. One-of through to 10,000-of or more is easily catered for by our experienced staff, whatever your requirements may be.

Contact us today, we are only too happy to help with your enquiries.

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