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Up to 1200mm dia. x 300mm deep x 4mm mild steel (m/s), as pictured.

These fire pits can also be made in 3mm ‘corten’ steel for that rustic effect and can be made in smaller dimensions, to suit your requirements.

We can also do some domes or wok/dish style spinnings of up to 1500mm dia. in mild steel/stainless steel with a ‘raw’ edge, or shallower ‘wok’ style domes in 1200mm dia. in 3mm corten steel – this is not quite as deep as the fire pit pictured to right.

The fire pits are a great and simple design, allowing enough air flow and protection for the perfect fire, an 800mm dia. lid is also available to act as an ash cover at the end of the night.

With the fire pits being 4mm thick, they are durable and robust. Also with having these domes as a lily pond/water feature or planter, the rust helps with the growing of your plants/lilys or vegetables, etc.

Smaller versions of the fire pits are also available.


Prices range from $250 to $500 (mild steel / corten), depending on size and material (including base).

Stainless steel and copper range from $500 to $1,000, depending on size and material (including base).

Additional extras of lids and painting (pot belly black) are available at a low extra cost.

Please contact us for full details.

We deliver Australia wide at very competitive rates via a national courier service.


Off the 1100mm Dia Dome Shape

1200mm Dia x 300mm deep with return edge

4.0mm Mild Steel
3.0mm Corten

900mm Dia x 250mm deep with return edge

4.0mm Mild Steel
3.0mm Corten

800mm Dia x 200mm deep with return edge

4.0mm Mild Steel
3.0mm Corten

Off the 800mm Dia Hemis Tool

700mm Dia x 300mm deep

3.0mm Corten metal (rustic)
3.0mm Mild Steel
3.0mm Stainless Steel
4.0mm Mild Steel

Optional Extras

Snuffer Lids are an optional extra

Painted “Pot Belly Black”

Outer edge profile – Raw, Flanged or Rolled.

Contact us today to discuss other options available.

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