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With so many different ways people use and what they use to cook food, or distil their magic brew or sauce, there is always an alternate method.

That method been, having something made, to suit your specific requirements to your cooking needs. Wethter it be a one off Popcorn bowl, to a 1000 food pans for our dedicated men and women of defence, we are flexible with design and quantity.

We service many different varieties of the food/drink industry.

Examples of types of items we spin are:

  1. Titanium food pans
  2. Rice cookers
  3. Soup warmers
  4. popcorn bowls
  5. Mixing bowls
  6. confectionary/dough
  7. Paella dishes
  8. Tong holders
  9. Rice measuring cups
  10. Components for Dairy milking machines
  11. even beer cups
  12. and stubbie holders
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