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An Image Of Our CNC Machining Services In Melbourne

CNC Machining Services in Melbourne

For the ultimate in repeatability and accuracy, our CNC machining lathe is our most useful machine for the most dimensionally accurate tooling design. Our operators have many years experience in varying industrial applications and materials. All tooling is designed on…

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Aluminium Spinning

We specialise in aluminum spinning. It is the one of the most used metals for spinning due mainly to how easily it can be spun. Aluminium is a versatile metal that is easy to work with. It is lightweight which…

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High Quantity Production

Our CNC metal spinning lathes can run continuously for hours on end to allow large production runs whilst maintaining accuracy for the duration of the job. We have 6 CNC spinning lathes of varying capacities that are capable of carrying…

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CNC Machining

The term CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Computers have been controlling a great number of things for years now. In the manufacturing industry CNC machining and CNC Manufacturing has been making life easier for business where accuracy and repetition…

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Aluminium Pressing

Whitehorse Industries is involved with the production of parts utilised in the "Negator Spring Assembly" on the C-130 Hercules, produced by AMCE. Visit the AMCE website for details: We also have manufactured parts for ASTA/Boeing for the fuel tanks…

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Mild Steel Spinning

Mild Steel is typically easy to spin. It is commonly used for forms which cannot be easily pressed out. Typically it is best to use a heavy gauge metal for spinning mild steel unless the weight of the item is…

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In-house Tooling Design

Using our knowledge that has been accumulated over many decades, we can design in-house tooling that is cost effective for the customer and accurate for the dimensions needed to produce seamless metal parts. We can reduce the cost of manufacturing…

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